Teni Boost of Dropping her Album This Year

Dropping My Album This Year Teni

The Nigerian Billionaire Singer Teni Boost of dropping Album This year after her next single, as we anticipate the album we also awaits the unknown single before the album

But before the album, Teni released her first single of 2020, ‘Marry.’ On that direction, she says, “That song was repeated for my show in the UK. My friend was going to propose to his fiancee.

So my team and I asked what can we do to make that moment special? I wrote the song ‘Marry’ especially for that.”

In 2016, Teni joined Dr. Dolor Entertainment, the record label owned by businessman, Osadolo Nosa Asemota.

Since joining the label, she has gone from a rookie songwriter to a star artist. She has also toured the world – gracing the O2 just a week prior to this interview.

She spoke on joining the label, “He’s just a guy who likes music. I saw hunger, he was ready to push and I just wanted to start with somebody and not go to a place that already had… I wanted somebody that believed in my dreams – most importantly. That’s what I did.” Teni then called Dolor her “friend” and says that their relationship is excellent.

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