Rema – Rewind (Lyrics)

Rema – Rewind (Lyrics)

Government y’all tell me what y’all Governise
The people never organise
Even when I try to socialise
The people make me lose my mind
My people suffer
Political poker
I put the burden of the masses on my shoulder
Nobody badder tell me who that motherfucker
But the remedy I know
Girl dance to the beat and show
(Girl dance to the beat and show)
This one na bad man flow
(This one na bad man flow)
Wine to the rhythm and slow
(Oh nonono no)
E dey make all the bad girl know

She dey move like a Tornado
(She dey move like a Tornado)
Cristiano Ronaldo
(I no go play you like Ronaldo)
Wine! (Whineeeeeee ah)
Girla wine please don’t waste my time
Wine (Whineeeeeee ah)
Bring it back baby come rewind
Wine (Whineeeeeee ah)
O baby wine please don’t waste my time
Girla please come wine

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